Simon Hobbs - Independent Financial Advisor



About Us

I'm an Englishman living my best life in California. Tax Strategies and Retirement Planning are the backbone of what we deliver.
We’re independent. No owner dictates where we invest client money for their own profit. We roam freely across markets, using our expertise to search for better performance at lower fees, modelling client outcomes to sharpen game plans for retirement.
Delivering Tax Strategies for your CPA to consider is one of the Family Office-style services we constantly offer, usually at for no additional fee. As is helping you understand the consequences of what’s been embedded in your Estate Planning.
But we start with Risk Management. How much money you’ve accumulated so far may not guarantee a retirement lifestyle if you’ve left dangers lurking in the non-investment areas of your life that could yet trigger a ‘train wreck’ to your wealth.

I offer unique experience from my first career. I was a main anchor for CNBC, the world's dominant financial TV network. I interviewed the world’s greatest stock pickers, strategists and investors for 18 years..
I was fortunate enough to gain financial independence by 48. Rather than nickel-and-dime folk, I work to build friendships and community. Particularly amongst my fellow LGBTQ souls.
Securities and Advisory Services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC