Amaryllis Artistry



About Us

Amaryllis Artistry (AA) is a start-up laser cutting and engraving company established by its sole owner, Abby Lopez.

Amaryllis Artistry was established to provide quality, affordable children’s toys and mementos. As well as meet the needs of clients who truly want or need to gift a custom handmade item for weddings, birthdays, events or their own businesses.

AA offers services and products that fit into both family and business lifestyles. With an ever-growing demand for truly custom high quality products and services which are hard to find, we intend to meet the need. We sell high quality, custom children’s toys and mementos, as well as custom tailored business signage and marketing products. Currently we are specializing in custom child puzzles, toys and name signage as well as business signage and marketing items including engraved custom tumblers.

AA differentiates themselves by creating designs and being innovative with custom products designed to meet the client’s specific needs, versus just buying cookie cutter templates that most other companies use. Not only does that make AA stand out from the rest, but it also makes our clients stand out from the rest. AA will also stick to sourcing quality materials from other family-owned businesses. Sticking to solid hardwoods versus plywood to make quality products.